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Welcome to OWNE

Otherworld North East (OWNE) is a not-for-profit investigation and research association whose aim is to collate and examine the physical evidence for ghosts and other alleged paranormal occurrences with an objective eye. OWNE is not an entertainment-based business, and do not run commercial ghost walks, nights or other similar events: we are not ghost-hunters, instead we simply seek to examine any physical evidence brought forward that is commonly perceived to belong to alleged supernatural phenomena.

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Have you been down to the woods today? Posted by OWNE Committee on February 5, 2015

Have you been down to the woods today?… So the question is, do any of our OWNE online visitors have any experiences you’d like to share about odd sightings in the North East countryside? Odd sightings, tales you’ve heard, eerie encounters etc? If so, we’d love to hear from you. Also, any biologists out there that fancy a chat about these sightings? Again, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Continue reading

Telegram from a Cold War Kid – An Interview with William J. Grabowski Posted by Lee on July 9, 2014

Me100Telegram from a Cold War Kid – An Interview with William J. Grabowski

Writer William J Grabowski talks writing, John Keel, weirdness, Mothman, cooking, more weirdness, music and more. Continue reading

Request for information update Posted by Lee on July 8, 2014

spitfire_plane_wwii3Please visit our Request for Information page.  We’ve just updated the page with two new requests – Ghost Apps and Haunted Airfields.

If you’re interested and can help, we’d appreciate your input.

Cheers muchly peeps!

OWNE Continue reading

Study area
Our main study area is the North East of England (County Durham, Tyne and Wear, Northumberland and Teesside) though we will consider investigating in other geographical areas (and have done in the past, including Cumbria, Edinburgh and North Wales).
Field of interest
Whilst the main focus of OWNE is to study alleged ghost sightings and associated phenomena, we do have a wide focus of interest that covers elements such as cryptozoology, parapsychology, exobiology, xenoarchaeology and more 'down to earth' disciplines such as archaeology, local history, psychology and physiology.
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Our reporting desk covers all experienced anomalies and can be anonymous
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Safety first
There is a frightening propensity for many paranormal investigation groups to put themselves forward as pseudo-counsellors - more still that push supernatural or paranormal causes instead of physical ones. Type in 'symptoms of a haunting' into your favourite search engine to see some prime examples. When a person's physical or mental health is at risk, looking to paranormal agencies is dangerous and immoral. Why look to paranormal groups for aid? Safety first, seek real help!

Citizens Advice111 non-emergency serviceChildLine 08001111NHS Choices ~ CounsellingLiving with depressionDepartment of Health

Duty of care - Safeguarding Policy
All correspondence received by Otherworld North East is confidential, unless the content of the material is deemed to indicate potential of self-harm or harm to others. In this case, the email and included metadata will be forwarded to relevant authorities. Any correspondence OWNE receives is under the presumption that the writer understands and accepts this safeguarding policy. For a full statement, please click here.

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