Paranormal studies in North East England


Welcome to OWNE OnlineOtherworld North East (OWNE) is a not-for-profit investigation and research association whose aim is to collate and examine the physical evidence for unexplained phenomena with an objective eye.

Whilst the main focus of OWNE is to study phenomena associated with alleged ghost sightings, we do have a wide focus of interest that covers elements such as cryptozoology, parapsychology, exobiology, xenoarchaeology and more ‘down to earth’ disciplines such as archaeology, local history, psychology and physiology.

OWNE is not an entertainment-based business, and we do not run commercial events.

We operate via strict codes of conduct as a data collection unit, blending observation, psychological awareness, historical research and environmental data analysis.

Where possible our intent is to employ the scientific method by generating and testing hypotheses and research questions in relation to anomalous reports and experiences. We do not use alleged spiritual mediums, séances, talking boards or other more traditional techniques such as rod and pendulum dowsing during field investigations, as the reality is simply that such techniques would gain no useful information from a venue.

Otherworld North East is currently managed by a small team of volunteers: