Contact us

Contact us

There are a number of ways to contact the Otherworld North East team, depending on the reason for your query. Please note that none of the research team will give out personal addresses, telephone numbers or email addresses.

Reporting desk

The aim of the Reporting Desk is to collate people’s anomalous, spooky, strange, paranormal or unexplained experiences. This could be events or experiences which might fall under categories such as ghosts, poltergeists, psychic experiences, precognitive dreams, synchronicities, UFOs, cryptozoology, time slips, or indeed anything that is considered in a similar vein.The reporting desk can also be submitted as an anonymous report.

Submit a report to OWNE

Apply to join Otherworld North East as a volunteer

This form is submitted via a Google Form and can be used to register an interest in joining the Otherworld North East research and investigation team as a volunteer. Please note at all roles are purely voluntary!
NOTE: Applications have been temporarily suspended. Please keep your eyes and ears open for the form being reactivated. Please, when thinking of submitting an application make sure you understand what OWNE is about: the majority of applications to date seem to involve demon hunters!

Social Media

We can be contacted on a number of Social Media platforms, with the most reliable being via our Facebook Page.
The address of the page is: