Research and Investigation

OWNE undertake both desktop research and fieldwork into unexplained reports. We are under no obligation to publish our results on this website, and in fact have a duty of care in most circumstances to keep findings private.

Asking questionsRequests for Information

This section deals with issues and information requests from the team directly to website readers.
In here, we’ll ask questions that we hope members of the public may be able to answer or contribute to. Website users may also request that we pose a question via this page.

Spontaneous CasesSpontaneous Paranormal Occurrences

Alleged paranormal phenomena can often manifest without warning in day-to-day life.
The root cause of these phenomena are more times than not purely mundane and often man-made, but with misinterpretation of events sometimes leading people to suspect  supernatural or paranormal intervention.


North East Folklore is full with tales of mystery animals, unidentified species and even vanishing creatures whose presence or nature cannot be explained. OWNE would like to hear from people who have either witnessed or heard tales of a creature believed to be an animal but that could not be explained.

Please get in touch if you have any details of such creatures and would like to share your experiences or have heard of tales involving a local mystery animal.

Look to the SkiesLook to the Skies!

The North East of England has a rich history of Unidentified Flying Object sightings and all of the phenomena allegedly linked with visits from another world.

Please have a read of our Look to the Skies page, and if you have an experience or tale to share, please consider reporting it to us or get in touch!

View our journals on JoomagJournals

OWNE currently have 5 archived journals available for download or online perusal on Joomag.

Volume 1: 2007, Volume 2: 2008
Volume 3: 2009, Volume 4: 2010
Volume 5: 2011

Speaking to the DeadSpeaking to the Dead

This is one of our longest running projects which remarkably has yet to get any responses. The Speaking to the Dead Project aims to test (and publish the results of said test) spiritual mediums and those claiming similar abilities. We’re also looking at testing equipment and items said to have the same ability. Are you a medium who would like to be tested? Read more…

Open Access Science & Paranormal Research

Excerpt: “If Open Access to research is beneficial, and raising standards when it comes to amateur paranormal investigation groups is also beneficial, then – In addition to other scientific bodies – should respected psychical or paranormal groups such as the Society for Psychical Research follow suit and make their previous and current research publicly available for anyone interested in learning from it?Read the article