Look to the Skies: the OWNE Perspective on Aerial Phenomena

Look to the Skies: the OWNE Perspective on Aerial Phenomena

Although Kenneth Arnold’s 1947 sighting and subsequent “flying saucers” misquote kicked off the modern UFO era, mysterious aerial phenomena have been reported throughout history.  From 4th Century Chinese texts, reports above the skies of ancient Rome, mid-16th century Nuremburg, the late 19th century “airship” wave, to WWII foo-fighter reports, the skies above us have offered a canvas for our imagination, wonder and mystery. And the North East skies are no different.

OWNE perspectives on aerial phenomenon

Investigating reports of aerial phenomenon offer up particular hurdles. Accounts are almost entirely in retrospect. There is no haunted house to visit or footprints to measure. However, as with all anomalous accounts, there are witness reports to record and follow up on. Depending on the content of those reports, there may well be constructive and interesting avenues of research to go down.

The OWNE perspectiveOWNE are very much interested in receiving and collating reports of any aerial phenomena, particularly from North East England and surrounding areas.  Accounts can be submitted via our Reporting Desk, which has the option of the writer remaining anonymous. The more reports information we receive, the more we can start to assess common factors or patterns which may inform further research.

As always, we would give the caveat that the majority of reports have a natural or prosaic causation. These can generally be related to misidentified celestial bodies, satellites, and aircraft. Currently, private and commercial use of drones will also account for some reports. However, if there are events in the skies over the areas OWNE cover, or even beyond, we would greatly appreciate hearing about them.

If you would like to inform us of any past, present or future accounts, please use our Reporting Desk or contact page to get in touch.