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Submit a report The aim of the Reporting Desk is to collate people’s anomalous or what they might deem paranormal events or experiences.

What do we mean by anomalous events or experiences?

We’re using this term in a broad popular sense. That is, any experience or event that one might interpret as spooky, strange, paranormal or unexplained.  This could be events or experiences which might fall under categories such as ghosts, poltergeists, psychic experiences, precognitive dreams, synchronicities, UFOs, cryptozoology, time slips, or indeed anything that is considered in a similar vein.

What is the purpose of the Reporting Desk?

The main aim is to collect data. We hope to use this to form the basis of future research for OWNE.  For example, we might notice patterns in people’s experiences or find particular experiences correlate with other factors. We may find certain experiences congregate in certain geographical areas. We don’t know or predict what we might find. We do know that it will be interesting to find out!

What the Reporting Desk is not

The Reporting Desk is not a clearing house to gather data in order for us to dismiss people’s experiences.  Far from it. Our intention is only to collate information, and if appropriate, to use that information to generate focused research questions or ideas. Please rest assured that your submission will be treat with appropriate respect and, if you choose, appropriate confidentiality.

Who can make a submission?

Anyone. All are welcome to submit. Although initially proposed to focus on the North East of England and surrounding regions, we welcome submissions from any part of the UK, or indeed from any country.

How are the reports submitted and held?

You will find a link to the online Reporting Form below.  The form is designed so that it is as short as possible and to enable you to provide as much or as little information as you are able to, or are comfortable with.  Simply complete the form and submit. The responses are sent via email to OWNE. The collected responses will be held electronically by OWNE in the form of a database.

Can I submit anonymously?

Absolutely. Within the form you will be able to opt into providing a contact should you wish further correspondence with OWNE. To submit anonymously, simply opt out of providing a contact and submit the form.  No identifying details will be sent with your responses.

Can I request follow up on my submission?

Yes. There is an option to provide a contact for any further correspondence from OWNE regarding your submission.  You can request feedback or comment, or give permission for OWNE to possibly contact you for further information regarding your submission.


If you have any further questions about the Reporting Desk or its aims, please feel free to contact us via our online form: Contact OWNE.

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