Spontaneous Cases


Alleged paranormal phenomena can often manifest without warning in day-to-day life. The root cause of these phenomena are usually mundane and often man-made, but with misinterpretation of events sometimes leading people to suspect supernatural or paranormal intervention. Otherworld North East will investigate any claims of paranormal phenomena in an open, honest and sceptical manner, evaluating the evidence presented and data collected to inform any conclusions.

Spontaneous cases and field investigation

CatcleughOtherworld North East can investigate alleged paranormal phenomena from a number of angles: background research, history, psychology, observation and surveillance. All methods are designed to collect data and test theories which can then be used to offer conclusions as to the nature of the occurances. We do not use alleged spiritual mediums, séances, talking boards or other more traditional techniques such as rod and pendulum dowsing during field investigations, as the reality is simply that such techniques would gain no useful information from a venue, and could increase the psychological distress on anyone present.

As well as investigative work, we are also collecting data on peoples’ experiences via our Reporting Desk, which has the option of the writer remaining anonymous. The more information we receive on the nature of the populace’s experiences, the more we can start to pin down common denominators to help us in the investigation process.

The bottom line however is this: Otherworld North East will never tell an individual or location that they are haunted by the spirits of the dead. Ghosts and spirits have not been proven to exist beyond our own psychological belief, and our investigative techniques look to the reported phenomena, rather than our sociologically ingrained interpretations of said beliefs. If you have been told categorically that you’re haunted by the dead by another group or individual, please ask yourself this question: if ghosts have not been proven to actually exist, how can a paranormal team categorically tell you that you’re being haunted?

Otherworld North East have been involved in well over one hundred field investigations into alleged supernatural and paranormal occurrences. As well as investigating as a unit, we also occasionally act as consultants for other groups and individuals. If you would like to discuss a potential case, please use our contact page to get in touch.