“Thrill Hunters Want Ghosts To Lay”

Sheffield Daily Telegraph, 3rd January 1950

Thrill Hunters Want Ghosts To Lay

“FOUR Sheffield laboratory research assistants are advertising an offer to study ghosts. They are Arthur Courtney Catlin. aged 18: Edward Worley, aged 20: Jack Williams, aged 21 and Keith Parramore. agea 22 They seek “genuine” examples of spiritual manifestation.

Courtney Catlin is the son of A.E. Catlin, former Sheffield Wednesday full-back, of the Anvil Inn, 106, Stannington Road. In the back-parlour of the Anvil last night he explained “We became interested about a year ago. more for the excitement than anything, and decided we wanted some first-hand experience.”

“Then” Courtney recalled, “€œthere was the haggard man, who came into the other public house my father used to have…. He had to live in a haunted house….” His mother was told of the project for the first time last night. “They’ll probably all catch colds” she said laughing. Courtney likes climbing and potholing. He is waiting to be called up for the Navy.”